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Dr. Suri Sehgal Remembers The Father Of The Green Revolution

On September 28, 2023, the world lost the renowned Indian geneticist, Dr. M. S. Swaminathan, a giant in the pursuit of solutions to world hunger and promotion of genetic biodiversity and conservation.

A recent article in The American Bazaar recounted how Dr. Swaminathan's life and work inspired Suri and Edda Sehgal in their vision to form S M Sehgal Foundation (India) and Sehgal Foundation (US). Talking about their long-term association, Dr. Sehgal said, “Dr. Swaminathan's biggest contribution in addition to the Green Revolution, has been strengthening the agricultural research system in India and promoting policies that are beneficial to rural farming communities.” Read more . . .

Cover Story

How a Radio Station Is Empowering Women in a Rural Heartland

The New York Times recently published an article about community radio Alfaz-e-Mewat (now known as CR Connect) FM 107.8, an S M Sehgal Foundation initiative.

The story covers narratives of women of the Nuh region of Haryana. Using our CR Connect station as an example, the story highlights the positive change that community radio brings to rural areas and how community radio is still a potent medium in the digital age.

Read about a story that narrates the voices of women through CR Connect.

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Stories of Change

Akhlak and his father, Iqbal, are hardworking and progressive, despite a small landholding of three acres collectively. Both showed keen interest in new practices like on-farm seed trials and crop diversity. However, they did not succeed. When the Village Development Committee proposed them for Farmer Field School intervention, they were sceptical, but their inherent willingness to do something new prompted them to move forward. Read more . . .

Partnership Spotlight

Empowering Ganjigunte's Future Through School Transformation

Education transforms an individual and the right environment makes it an empowering experience. A transformed school in Ganjigunte village, Kolar, Karnataka, was handed over to the community under the Krishi Jyoti project supported by The Mosaic Company Foundation in a village-level event having students, teachers, and community members on October 19, 2023. The Krishi Jyoti project is impacting farmers across five states of India with a focus on agriculture, water, and education.The school headmistress and Block Education Officer, Mulabagal Taluka, felt proud to showcase the improvements in their school to a gathering of 200 people and expect an increase in school enrolment. The transformation of the school included physical upgradation of the facility and making the school environment stimulating for the students.The occasion was graced by the executive leadership team from Mosaic and S M Sehgal Foundation, who expressed gratitude to the school and village committees for their support and cooperation.

Cold Storage Solutions For Reducing Post-Harvest Losses

Under the Bolstering Farmer Producer Organizations project supported by Walmart Foundation, five FPOs in district Kolar, Karnataka, were supported with cold storage units of 5MT to reduce post-harvest losses. These units will be used as part of the Custom Hiring Centre (CHC) where farmers can rent out services of these units to keep their perishable produce. A formal inauguration of the cold storage units was done on October 20, 2023, in the presence of shareholders, villagers, and the Sehgal Foundation team. 
Earlier this month, a training program focusing on the Post-Harvest Management of these five FPOs was conducted at the District Agriculture office in Kolar apprising the FPO members about aspects of cold storage utilization, its benefits for preserving perishable crops to fetch better market prices and government programs. An on-site technical training was also held at Moodalgiri Horticulture FPCL, Gudipalli, on the operations and handling of the cold storage facilities. These units will leverage farmers to fetch better prices for their produce in the markets and increase business for the FPOs.

Month At A Glance

Beekeeping And Sustainable Farming Initiatives Uplift Telangana Farmers

S M Sehgal Foundation is committed to ensuring farmers maintain updated and proficient in their knowledge and skills. Recent training sessions in Telangana focused on beekeeping and the importance of micronutrients. Farmers gained hands-on experience in honey production, effective bee handling, and techniques to enhance crop yields. In a proactive step, members of the Women Farmers Club engaged in discussions to understand the marked differences in crop output between control and demo plots, underlining the significance of capacity building in rural India.

Commemorating Gandhi Jayanti With Sanitation Awareness Campaigns

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, S M Sehgal Foundation organized a noteworthy marking by conducting Sanitation Awareness Campaigns in Nuh, Haryana, and Samastipur, Bihar. Village leaders, schoolchildren, and community members actively participated, displaying their enthusiasm and commitment to the cause. In addition to these ground-level efforts, a special program dedicated to Gandhi Jayanti was broadcasted on  (CR Connect earlier known as Alfaz-e-Mewat) FM 107.8

Strengthening Farmer Producer Organizations

A SMSF CR Connect podcast features an episode on Farmer Producer Organizations and their work promoting and supporting small and marginal farmers. Ms. Shruchi Singh, senior program lead, S M Sehgal Foundation, provides insight into various interventions undertaken to ensure farmers are supported through capacity-building sessions, increasing their advantage in market opportunities and linkages, and the cost-efficient techniques that lead to increased yields. This platform also facilitates better access to government schemes. Listen here. 

Revamped ICDS Centers In Bihar

The transformation of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Centers in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, by S M Sehgal Foundation, is a shining example of successful collaboration between NGOs and Government departments. These revitalized centers are poised to set the standard as model anganwadi centers, ushering in a new era of excellence in child and maternal care. The partnership showcases the potential for positive change when public and private entities unite in their commitment to enhance community welfare and improve vital services.

Postcard From Interns Abroad

Training And Workshop Sessions

Water & Research Training Workshops

S M Sehgal Foundation partnered with The North Eastern Regional Centre of the National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (NIRD-NERC), Guwahati, Assam, for three training sessions on safe drinking water for all and rainwater harvesting systems. 

The three-day training workshops on Household Water Treatment, Safe Storage, and Biosand Filter Technology, and a two-day training session on Fluoride Mitigation focused on the important steps needed for a healthier and safer environment by ensuring safe drinking water for all, aiming for a healthier, safer environment.  

The three-day training program on rainwater harvesting systems focused on equipping participants to contribute to national water conservation efforts in mitigating the water crisis in India.

Water Capacity Building and Experience Sharing Workshop

S M Sehgal Foundation in collaboration with DCB Bank Ltd., a comprehensive series of capacity-building workshops exploring the connection between water and climate change and experience sharing of best practices of community adaptability. Mark your calendars for the inaugural workshop in New Delhi on November 30. 

Workshop 1: New Delhi 

Workshop 2: Maharashtra

Workshop 3: Andhra  Pradesh

Workshop 4: Uttar Pradesh

The workshops will provide a platform for an experiential exchange of best practices in community adaptability to water and climate change and discuss challenges and possible solutions in sustainable water management amidst emerging climate issues.


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