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Transform Lives one school at a time: Sehgal Foundation's Journey to Empower Schoolchildren

The Transform Lives one school at a time program serves as a guiding light for schoolchildren; this S M Sehgal Foundation initiative creates a brighter future by providing students with regular access to clean drinking water, improved sanitation facilities, a nurturing learning environment, and comprehensive training in digital and life skills.

The School Management Committees (SMCs) are given training through capacity-building sessions to upscale their capabilities. With a solid dedication to nurturing young minds, this program brings about a wave of change. The school premises are meticulously revitalized, cultivating an atmosphere that ignites inspiration. Witness education transformation through our Transform Lives program video.

Stories of Change

The digital and life skills awareness training is comprised of sessions in personality development, goal setting, communication skills, gender equality, computer basics, and the internet. “When Manisha first attended the class, she was modest and unassuming. However, her participation in the sessions sparked a transformation in her character,” shares Priyanka, the trainer at the center. Read more..

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Partnership Highlight

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting System Inauguration

Nonavailability of water in schools causes several students to return home to drink water, because of which they skip the rest of their school day, leading to poor learning outcomes. To improve access to drinking water for schoolchildren, BMW India Foundation has partnered with S M Sehgal Foundation to implement rooftop rainwater harvesting-based drinking water systems in five government schools during FY 202223 in districts Nuh and Gurugram, Haryana, impacting over 2,000 students. The harvesting structures were inaugurated by the teams of S M Sehgal Foundation and BMW team in Kanwarsika school in the presence of school students and teachers. This partnership till now has benefited 19 schools in rural India.

Month At a Glance

Govt. School Transformed

Govt. Sr. Sec. School at Rundhsiravas village, Alwar District, Rajasthan, which was recently transformed under the Transform Lives one school at a time program of S M Sehgal Foundation, was inaugurated by Mr. Tika Ram Jully and Mrs. Shakuntala Rawat, cabinet ministers, Govt. of Rajasthan, in the presence of school administration, gram panchayat, School Management Committee, and community members. The school has more than 300 students who are benefiting from the transformation, leading to an enriched learning experience.

Women Interface Meeting

Knowledge and awareness sessions, an approach to increase local participation, are a regular practice at S M Sehgal Foundation. A recent interface meeting was conducted for women participants in the Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss and make the women aware of programs and policies in the education and financial sector that would benefit local women, with a particular focus on advocating girls’ education, credit linkages, and Self-Help Groups. This meeting paved the way for a better connection with the government departments.

Internship at S M Sehgal Foundation

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Webinar & Virtual Sessions

WASH Online Capacity Building Program

Webinar on Water Conservation Practices

Upcoming Workshops

Fluoride & Fluorosis Mitigation

S M Sehgal Foundation, in collaboration with NIRDPR, Hyderabad, and CAWST, Canada, is delivering a training program on Fluoride and Fluorosis Mitigation, focusing on the critical issue of fluoride contamination in water, particularly in India, where it has caused widespread health concerns.

The workshop will give insights into the sources and prevalence of fluoride, an understanding of fluorosis (causes of fluoride), and effective management and prevention measures.

Rainwater Harvesting Training Programme

This training program is open to people who want to learn about rainwater harvesting (RWH) systems. The course will share knowledge and holistic perspectives on RWH and provide an opportunity for hands-on planning for systems in households, institutions, villages, and community level. RWH systems help create decentralized and sustainable water supply sources and improve availability. The training will equip participants to contribute to national water conservation efforts.


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